Cost VS Price

Cost that you are conscious about when you select the Cheapest Vendor
STP Operations & Maintainence
WTP operations & Maintainence
Repairs and Upgradations to STP & WTP
Price that you pay when you select the Cheapest Vendor – WTP
Water Quality that leads to Stains on floors and Sanitary Ware
Repeated Costs of Cleaning & Deep Cleaning  Services
Clogged Pipelines, Taps and Fittings
Rusting of taps, Faucets and Fittings
Calcium deposits on Taps, Faucets, Showers and Geysers
Increased Maintainence of Water Purifiers, Washing Machines, Dish Washers and any other Appliance that uses water
Price that you pay when you select the Cheapest Vendor – STP
Repeated Breakdowns of STP
STP not inline with regulations
Stains and Corrosion on Sanitary ware, Faucets and Fittings
Odour & Smell & Turbidity
Risk of Infections and diseases like UTI, cholera to your residents
Stunted Growth and infections to Gardens, Lawns, Trees and potted Plants
Corrosion to Metal Surfaces that come into contact with STP treated Water
Greentivity Enviro Solutions is a company that provides wastewater and sewage treatment solutions. It was founded to tackle the challenge of updating sewage and water treatment plants (STPs and WTPs) to meet current compliance standards. The company offers a range of services, including conceptualisation, design, engineering, consulting, performance audits, construction, renovation, upgrade, operation and maintenance, building management systems, automation, installation, and commissioning.
Greentivity Enviro Solutions works with Municipal facilities, Apartment complexes, Commercial and Industrial Facilities, and large independent buildings, among others. The company is brand- and vendor-neutral, and focuses on providing tailor-made solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.
Greentivity Enviro Solutions is committed to ethical behavior, compliance with all relevant laws and guidelines, and a focus on results, fairness, and transparency.

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