About Us

We today serve close to 44 RWA’s, a couple of BWSSB facilities and a few City Municipal facilities across Karnataka. We pride ourselves in being different in whatever we do and deliver exceptional solutions to our customers, based on their needs and what is apt for them.

Our Philosophy

All components and equipment that we use should be freely available in the Market and not force us or our customers to be dependent or get dictated or locked into any OEM or Vendor.

We believe that each opportunity and scenario is unique and demands bespoke solutioning or approach and don’t subscribe to the thought that one size or solution or process fits all.

We are brand and vendor agnostic and only look at our customers interests in terms of their vision, budget, equipment and school of thought while working for them.

We comply with the latest/current Labor, Tax, Environmental Laws and Guidelines from KSPCB/NGT and don’t compromise or negotiate on the same.

We urge our potential customers across sectors first visit and spend time inside their own assets and then visit a few of our customers assets to know the difference that we can make or the value we bring to the table

Being ethical, result oriented, compliant, fair & transparent are the values that are ingrained into us.