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STP Management


Greentivity Enviro Solutions

We are on a path to revolutionize Water and Wastewater Treatment. 20+ years of Experience in the water and waste water industries. Our expertise is in offering comprehensive services not limiting to Design and Supply but ranging from Upgrade, Build EPC Projects, Refurbishment, Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance and AMC (Annual Maintenance Contracts) to water management.

Sewage Treatment Redefined

We cater to diverse needs, including Municipalities, Apartments, Industries, Hospitals and ensuring reliable and compliant water & wastewater solutions. Our commitment extends to complying with the Water Act 1974 and Pollution Control Board (including CPCB, KSPCB and other state PCB's) regulations, NGT (National Green Tribunal) guidelines, guaranteeing environmentally conscious practices.

Your Trusted Partner

Discover our expertise in Sewage / Wastewater Treatment, covering recycling, water reclamation and efficient water management solutions. We're dedicated to reclaiming and recycling water, promoting eco-friendly practices for a sustainable future. As your trusted vendor, we prioritize excellence in Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) and Water Treatment Plants (WTP) Operation & Maintenance (O&M). Our approach is vendor and technology agnostic, ensuring tailored solutions aligned with your specific needs.

Industry Recognition

Greentivity has been recognized as one of the top 10 Water and Wastewater Management companies in India. We are Committed to provide sustainable water solutions. Inspiring a cleaner, greener future through excellence in management.


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Tech-driven firm building lasting client bonds

Technology plays a pivotal role in wastewater cleaning by enabling advanced treatment processes. Innovations like membrane filtration, biological reactors, Upgradation / Modifications and smart monitoring systems enhance efficiency, ensuring the removal of contaminants. Automation and real-time data analytics optimize resource utilization, making wastewater treatment more sustainable and environment friendly.


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AquaSTP -
Sewage Treatment Monitoring System

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Our Services

Every opportunity & scenario is unique and demands a bespoke customised approach in the Sewage & Water Treatment Space.. One Size or solution or approach does not fit all!

O & M / AMC’s
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Wastewater - Sewage Treatment

We are pioneers in innovative approaches, leveraging advanced technologies to transform wastewater into valuable resources. Our expertise includes Activated Sludge Process (ASP) with BNR removal (A2O), Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR), Membrane Bio Reactor including Sludge management for tailored municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. Specializing in refurbishment, upgrade, recommissioning, and Operations & Maintenance of STPs ranging from KLDs to MLDs.

Tertiary Treatment for Potable Water

Our commitment extends to providing Tertiary Treatment solutions, converting STP-treated water into potable water. Through rigorous processes and advanced filtration, we ensure the highest quality standards meet stringent requirements.

Environmental Compliance and Sustainability

Greentivity Enviro Solutions adheres to stringent environmental standards, complying with regulatory bodies like NGT guideline, CPCB, KSPCB and the Water Act 1974. Our focus on environmentally conscious practices emphasizes sustainability and resource conservation in every aspect of wastewater treatment. Let's together Explore the future of wastewater management.

Water Treatment

At the forefront of water management, Greentivity Enviro Solutions provides a range of services to redefine and deliver sustainable solutions.

Tailored Water Treatment Plants

Designing, managing, and maintaining STPs, WWTPs, and WTPs, including Apartment STPs and Municipal STPs. Specializing in reliable Sewage Treatment Plant Repair and Sewage Treatment Plant AMC services for optimal functionality.

Advanced Wastewater Management

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies for efficient Wastewater Treatment and Waste Water Treatment AMC, aligning with environmental regulations by KSPCB and the Water Act 1974.

Potable Water Solutions

Greentivity guarantees high-quality potable water through Water Treatment Plant AMC and Operation & Maintenance services. Emphasizing sustainability and compliance, we are the go-to Reliable STP Vendor for the Bangalore Apartments Federation and municipal sectors. Explore innovative water solutions with us.

We Cater To
Municipalities, Apartments, Corporates, Industries

We carefully consider our solutions to support each and every stage of your growth.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

Acknowledging global water scarcity, Greentivity's STP expertise positions us as a vital player in addressing this challenge. Our commitment to professionalism, skill, and reliability in sewage and water treatment reflects a dedication to the fundamental human right to access water, sanitation, and hygiene. Greentivity Enviro Solutions' specialized services align seamlessly with the United Nations' Goal 6, ensuring a meaningful impact on universal access to water and sanitation

Frequently Asked Questions

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We specialize in managing all levels and varieties of STPs, including Municipal STPs, Apartment STPs, and Commercial Entity STPs. Our services cover a wide range of technologies to meet diverse needs.

Our expert team assesses your needs and conducts a thorough analysis to recommend the most appropriate STP solution. We take into account factors such as scale, type, and technology to ensure a tailored approach for optimal sewage treatment.

We distinguish ourselves by offering comprehensive management solutions for all types of STPs. Our expertise spans various technologies, ensuring that we can address the unique challenges associated with Municipal, Apartment, and Commercial Entity STPs effectively.

Absolutely. We not only handle the initial setup and management but also provide continuous maintenance and support services. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the smooth operation and efficiency of your sewage treatment plants, regardless of their scale or type.